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Our mission is to affect positive change by empowering individuals through education. Progress through Education is our motto.

Our vision is to prepare caring and culturally aware teachers who will effectively and efficiently utilize the highest quality of learning, leadership and scholarship to affect positive change within themselves and their learning community.

UEC is your one stop provider for professional development opportunities for anyone currently teaching, or wanting to teach, in Thailand or the world over.

New to teaching?
Take a break from your busy schedule, come to Thailand and explore the intriguing profession of teaching with the UEC Thai Ministry of Education licensed 120 hour TEFL course. For mastery of your teaching skills, incorporate the UEC TEFL certification into the Buffalo State, State University of New York Master degree offered at one of the top international schools in Thailand.

Are you a veteran certified teacher?
Do you wish to improve your skills, credentials and salary? Join us for the weekend Master degree program for international educators in Bangkok, Thailand.

Want to travel the world?
Bangkok hosts two large international teacher recruiting conferences every year! Learn to teach in Bangkok, teach in Thailand for a year or two, then travel the world as a certified teacher: It can all start here, and take you wherever you want to be.

We believe in all of us doing better by doing good: Have you ever wanted to know how you can do your part to improve the lives of others? By volunteering your time and skills as a teacher you will change lives for the better, enable people to find hope and see opportunity where they had not before, and share your best qualities. With your spotless police background check and US teaching credential, explore short or long term volunteer teaching opportunities with us in Asia’s top travel destination, Thailand!

All UEC programs are created to accommodate the busy lifestyle of today’s working educators: Master degree classes are held in the evenings and on weekends, the TEFL/TESOL course is an intensive full time four weeks, and our education, language and culture tours and courses can be scheduled depending on your availability and budget.

If you are in Bangkok, stop by or just email us for a FREE education and employment consultation and find out about your learning and career opportunities in Thailand and beyond!

Have a look and see which program will most benefit your personal and professional development. With UEC, you can truly progress through education.

Best wishes,

thailand tefl institue Teacher Training with UEC
Nikolaus Mische, Ph.D.

Our Students

I am doing the SUNY U.S. Master degree while working as a teacher in Thailand, and I have already been hired by an even better international school! Thank you UEC!
Judy Wei, Taiwan
I was searching for ways to make a difference and gain more experience. UEC organized volunteer options and cross-cultural training seminars. Not only did I receive an unforgettable vacation to Thailand, I also gained more experience to help me in the future.
Richard Poulin, USA

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How To Get Started


Review our programs. We offer a number of options. You can add more than one, and if you have other interests be sure to let us know.

Start by thinking about what you want to accomplish in one year or the time frame you have set for yourself: Is it a TEFL/TESOL certificate? A Master degree? An unforgettable educational experience in South East Asia? A way to help others? Secure well-paid employment that takes you places?


Research your areas of interest: Learn about the courses, schedules, and details of the programs we offer. Decide which is most appropriate for you.

Do you need visa assistance for your education tour to Thailand? Airport pickup? Inexpensive, yet safe and clean housing while in Bangkok? A survival city tour to know where to get the best deal on a cell phone, food, bedding, essentials? We have been here since 2001, know this place and love to share our knowledge with you!


Contact us for more information and we will help get you started with all the necessary information. Each person is unique and this is why we like to submit custom proposals for each of our program participants.

We can provide you with visa and medical assistance, good and inexpensive housing options in downtown Bangkok, or can arrange airport pickup to ease your travel worries. Our full day insider city tour provides newcomers with a great map and a firm grasp on where the locals shop, what to do and eat, and how to fit in, survive and thrive in this amazing “city of angels”.


Prepare to start your endeavor. With our website and preparation information we will send you, you will be fully prepared for the next chapter in your life. We are but an email or skype call away, if you need assistance in preparing for your time here.

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Getting Started

Teach English to children, adults, and professionals in ESL programs and international schools worldwide. The UEC TESOL Institute provides TESOL and ESL certification for professional development, language learning, teaching English abroad and improving the lives of others.

Teach English Abroad

For international educators wanting to earn a fully accredited US Master degree while in Thailand, UEC offer the Buffalo State, State University of New York, Master of Science degree program on weekends. Courses are held monthly throughout the international school calendar year. The program is taught at NIST (New International School Thailand) in downtown Bangkok.

US Master Degree

Anyone wanting to really understand Thai culture and Thai learners needs to spend time in Thai schools and familiarize themselves with Thai culture. UEC offers a Teacher Council Thailand licensed 20 hour Thai culture course and education tours in Thailand. School visits in Bangkok and rural settings, collaboration with local teachers and students for English workshops and education exchanges can be arranged.

Thai Culture Course

The UEC TESOL Institute offers both English and Thai language courses for individuals, groups and corporations. Classes can be scheduled depending on learner needs, budget and availability, and Thai Education visas are available for longer term Thai language course students.

Thai Education Visa

Photos of Thailand

Thailand offers many great tours and travel destinations, and is rated as one of the best places to visit. Live and work in Thailand and take advantage of all this unique destination has to offer, while also making a difference.

Live in Thailand

Education News

15th Aug 2013Setting the tone in class on day 1
Setting the tone in class on day 1
15th August 2013
Setting the tone in class on day 1

The bell rings at a Thai government school in suburban Bangkok, and you are about to start the first class of the new Thai school year with students you have never met before.

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30th May 2013Rehydrate for Your Mental and Physical Health
Rehydrate for Your Mental and Physical Health
30th May 2013
Rehydrate for Your Mental and Physical Health

Teaching in Amazing Thailand can make you weak in the knees. Literally.

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29th May 2013Teach Saudi for 7.5k USD/mth++ tax free
Teach Saudi for 7.5k USD/mth++ tax free
29th May 2013
Teach Saudi for 7.5k USD/mth++ tax free

Looking to earn the highest US Tax free income while teaching overseas?

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17th May 2013Thai Language and Culture course
Thai Language and Culture course
17th May 2013
Thai Language and Culture course

UEC Thai Language and Culture course

The Teacher Council Thailand has created a 20-hour Thai Culture, Language and Ethics course which has become a requirement for all Western teachers wanting to get a Thai teaching license. Without a teaching license there is no work permit. So why is this course necessary?

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14th May 2013US Bachelor Degree for Less in Bangkok
US Bachelor Degree for Less in Bangkok
14th May 2013
US Bachelor Degree for Less in Bangkok

If you want to complete a Bachelor degree but are lacking the funds, read on for some great news:

How about completing a fully accredited four year university degree from a Thai Government university? Courses are taught by Western professors, most of them guest lecturers who have been invited by the Thai university to teach a limited number of courses in their specialty area. Tuition fees are extraordinarily low by Western standards,

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Seminars and Projects

Recent teaching seminars, cross-culture training courses in Thailand, and Recent UEC projects throughout Asia. If you are interested in joining our volunteer projects in Thailand or providing assistance that actually make a difference please contact us.

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